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Previous Projects

Dragons coil and breath fire. The medusa casts her stony gaze. Every foe presents unique tests and trials. This is what makes the struggle so glorious for brave soldiers. Recognizing a monsterís tactics helps a cunning warrior seize opportunity. Throughout their campaigns our swordsmen have encountered and overcome the following tech-monsters:

Accounts Receivables Accounts Payables General Ledger Fixed Assets
Payroll Order Entry Sales Analysis Sales Management
Process Control Animation, Gaming
and Graphics
Expert Systems Membership Management
Statistical Analysis Compiler and Interpreter
Barcoding Kiosks and Multimedia
Traffic Scheduling Simulation Robotics Telephone-Computer Integration
Point-of-Sale Real-time Modeling Shop Floor Control Point-of-Purchase
Network Management Materials Requirements Planning Project Accounting Expense Reporting
Project Management Proposal Development Distribution Human Resources
Groupware Email Satellite Communications Product Development Support
Billing Warehouse Management Call Processing Inventory Control
Automatic Call Distribution Decision Support Word Processing Telephone Billing
Data Mining Automated Software Development Data Marts Product Pricing
Job Scheduling Communications Protocols Operating System Development Systems Administration
Data Warehousing Computer Aided Design Field Service Trouble Reporting
Patent Document Management Bibliographic Information Retrieval Configuration Management Account Management
Client Management Data Conversion Equipment Automation Voice Mail
Patient Management Laboratory Management Contract Development and Enforcement Litigation
Real Estate Foreclosures Bankruptcy Contract Development
Direct Mail Claims Processing Case Management Evictions

Experience increases the speed by which swordsmen wield their blades. Beginners spend time on the basics. Experts wield with grace. They spend time on the nuances--the details.

Our warriors constantly battle new foes, so dispatch a messenger to discuss your specific plans. Our guile can always help you win the struggle with tech-monsters and enemies that lie in wait.

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