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Read letter from CEO of Amazon.comThe Library at Alexandria, in association with , is proud to bring you this fine selection of recommended reading. We offer many of these splendid works at specially discounted prices. Simply ring the bell to get our attention when you want to know more about an offering, to get our latest price for a selection or to add an item to your book basket. Meanwhile, feel free to browse often and read our reviews.

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Our Featured Selection

Cover for 'Collaborative Computing with Delphi 3' by James Callan
Written by James Callan, the CEO of Gordian Solutions, Inc., this book remains our featured selection. Still, with Delphi in its fifth release, his book remains the best source of complex, real-world programming examples using visual tools. It includes CGI, ActiveX, COM, DCOM, CORBA, Advanced Object-Oriented Programming, Modeling and Analysis, Business Components, Componen-Based Development and predictions about the future of computing that are proving more and more accurate and relevant each day. Its style is irreverent, on the mark and deeper than any technical book that you will read this year. Written like no other book of its kind, it entertains, inspires and challenges readers on every page. This bold and controversial work has been deemed by its readers "the best technical book...ever read," "a beautiful masterpiece," "a collection of some of the best real world client-server code you will find," "full of complex thought and ideas," "a standard text in our development shop," and "dog-eared and underlined from cover to cover."

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