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The acropolis buzzes with life in the ancient Kingdom of Gordian. Citizens of the realm gather daily to discuss current events, recent developments and topics of mutual interest. Often visitors pass by the Forum are treated to heated debates between keen minds and sharp wits. Many trek from far away lands to glimpse the future or get their fortunes told. Curious others come to solve puzzles and compete in contests. Others travel here to rest by our cool fountains, sit in the shade and read good books they purchase from the Bookstore at the Library at Alexandria. Still other come for sparing and swordsplay, to learn to tie a new knot from sailors, or to find a prized item for their collections. People come here every day to roam the realm and discover what they can. They find something different every time they visit.

In the southwestern alcoves of the acropolis, fortunes tellers, seers and soothsayers gather to ply their trade. Some read palms. Others study patterns in leaves. Many look to the heavenly stars for answers. Still others use colorful pieces of dried parchment called cards. A few look into the recesses of your soul for answers. All tell you omens good and bad. All is for fun and amusement. They tell you what you want to hear. Be careful in these alcoves. Donít believe all you hear.

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The acropolis at the Kingdom of Gordian is world famous for its puzzles. People come from all around to test their skills with the puzzles they find. Perhaps you would like to try your luck with the following puzzles.

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Kingdom of Gordian keeps visitors and citizens informed about upcoming contests and tests of wit sponsored in neighboring lands. Puzzle lovers enjoy competitive quests for prizes and coins of the realm. To feed the competitive spirit, the acropolis is currently sponsoring a contest to find the best original puzzles that feature stories about Greek mythology, Alexander The Great, knots, swords, kingdoms and other relevant themes of interest to visitors of the realm. Our city planners are busy working on a new fountain for the acropolis that will feature these original puzzles. Gordian Solutions will award the first, second and third place puzzle designers with honors and prizes. To be eligible, a puzzle must be original, consistent with the theme, and the submitter must own the copyright to the puzzle. To submit your puzzle for consideration, fill out the original puzzle entry form.

While the city planners are hard at work, you may want to try your hand in some other puzzle contests. The following contests may interest you.

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A sacred symbol in the
Kingdom of Gordian , the sword symbolizes victory over knotty business problems . Throughout the acropolis sword collectors and swordsman will find interesting alcoves to visit.

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The acropolis is filled with wonderful art and sculpture. People travel vast distances to stroll through the sculture gardens and look at the fine work. Here you will find exquisite items inspired by the people, places and legends in The
Kingdom of Gordian.

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Gordian Knot is a sacred symbol in the Kingdom of Gordian. The relic stands for knotty business problems that warriors of the realm slice through for Allies. To celebrate our constant victories over tech-monsters roaming the Black Sea of Technology, the acropolis sponsors a fine collection of knots and knot masters that welcome all who have an interest in knots.


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If you have a new puzzle and would like it to be considered in our quest for the best puzzles in the realm, then submit it below. You will be notified via email when your submission has been received.

When you read and agree to the eligibility requirements and copyright release forms, we enter your puzzle into our contest.

Enter today for valuable relics and spoils of war. Demonstrate your guile. Win computer games, shirts (nice long sleeve, short sleeve and T-Shirts), hats, puzzles, books and more.

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