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New Technology

History is replete with the changes in thought and advancements that accompany technical innovation. Gordian Solutions scouts for such developments and gathers relevant and interesting reconnaissance data, technology resources, articles and training materials to keep visitors to the Kingdom of Gordian well informed. Additionally, selected allies and citizens of the realm can subscribe to confidential opinion papers and swell-watch announcements on these and other important topics affecting the creatures that lurk in the Black Sea of Technology.

Technology moves as waves towards the shore. Waves begins as mere hints or ripples. These manifest themselves as rumors. Soon rumor gets the attention of the press through press reports. Products come out. Periodicals spring up and begin promoting the new wave of the future. Before long players emerge to ride the wave.

Waves vary in size from the small market to the huge tsunami of the Internet. Each wave crests and breaks. The break sets off new ripples. Some dissipate, while others begin to swell into their own waves. This is the nature of technology. Look to the sea and watch the ripples. For those that see the ripple, or even the rumor of the ripple, the future arrives much anticipated.

News and the Latest


SQL, Database and O-O Development

CASE and Model-Driven Development

Data Warehouses, Data Marts and Data Mining

Players to Watch

Products to Watch

  • Informix - For the latest on Informix, the company and the products.
  • Oracle - For the latest on Oracle, the company and the products.
  • Sybase - For the latest on Sybase, the company and the products.

Tutorials and Training

Swell Watch

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